Sunday, September 26, 2010

One of the best OP songs yeah


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My goals

So here we go, my dreams, my goals, my destiny right here:

-1 hour+ study of Japanese a day
-1 hour+ piano practice a day
-Not to waste so much FUCKING time
-Figure out this blogspot stuff
-Not feel so overwelmed all the time
-Getting amazing grades (so far so good)
-Getting thru Hesig's Remembering the Kanji (after this I think Japanese study will be wayyy more fun. It's hard to have fun studying kanji :/)
-Immerse myself in Japanese

In the future posts will be more organized in stuff but for now I feel overwhelmed so... yeah. Thanks for visiting!

My first blog!

This blog will be about whatever is on my mind. Things include like video games, Japanese, music, etc etc. My name is Cheazy and I play piano and am currently learning Japanese. Thanks for visiting my blog!